Market and economic value

Safe investment

Avocado cultivation is a safe investment, which offers the best guarantees of profitability. The best recommendation is to invest in plantations in Spain or Portugal, since it is a highly sought-after fruit in the world and in our closest and most important market, the EU. In addition, the land maintains or increases its price and the harvest can always be changed.

Fast return on investment

The avocado is the fourth most important tropical fruit in the world and it generally happens that it can be harvested after 2/3 years and then its commercialization can begin. From the fifth year, the plantation can enter into stable productions, allied to the yields per hectare, as well as its market price, we can say that the initial investment is amortized in about five years.

Consumption and Production

World production of avocados by countries

Few producers

The cultivation of avocado has some main requirements related to the origin of the species in Central America, we can highlight the temperature, rainfall, protection from the wind and the soil.

Three types of botanists commonly called races: West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican.

The variety of the Mexican race are those that have greater tolerance to cold, but in no case can the minimum temperatures go beyond -2Cº, even for a short time and not every year, since they prevent the cultivation of avocados.

We can estimate that about 7.00 cubic meters per hectare per year are needed. As for the soil, a sufficient concentration of organic matter is enough to avoid waterlogging and promote good root growth, which in the case of this crop is very superficial.

These particular climatic conditions that the avocado needs to survive mean that its cultivation is limited to very specific places, where we can include the south of Spain and Portugal, along with the islands.

The main world producers are Mexico, the United States, mainland China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Israel, Algeria, Cuba, Kenya and Spain.

If we talk about production, there are countries that lead world production due to their high yield of tons per hectare, Mexico, absolute leader, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil, Haiti, Chile, Israel.

Mechanical harvesting

Mechanized pruning in mature plantations is allowed mainly on the more upright varieties.

Many other avocado plantation management tasks are being mechanized, however, harvesting is an operation that must be done manually. Until now there are no alternatives, the quality of the fruit must always prevail before the final customer.


The market value has quadrupled in the last eight years. The world development of avocado is increasing. People are in love with avocados, it is the fruit whose consumption has increased the most in the last decade worldwide.

World demand and consumption

Due to its enormous popularity for its multiple nutritional properties, the demand for avocados around the world has skyrocketed. The annual increase since 2016 is estimated at more than 350%.

But it is not just about satisfying the needs of the consumer, Bolschare takes into account that it must be done in the most innocuous and sustainable way possible, taking care of the crops and their environment from the plantation to the final consumer.

Avocados have become the main crop and export in 34 countries around the world.

In the Iberian Peninsula we are lucky to be free of the main pests and diseases that affect avocados, something that does not occur in other producing regions, so with good management organic avocados can be produced, which further increases their importance in the market and its value.

Nutritional Properties

Fruit of high nutritional value that provides vitamins, minerals and fiber, in addition to vegetable fats, highlighting the high content of oleic acid, it can be defined as its superfood.