Bolschare is a family business specialized in plantations of various crops, especially olive trees.

We carry out consulting and agricultural services that include everything from the initial accessory works, the study of the land, the design of the irrigation and planting project and the execution of the complete plantation to the management of the farm, the harvest and the subsequent sale of the fruit .

We carry out all types of plantations both in Spain and Portugal, with our own nurseries, with certified plants.

We guarantee the success of our work. We are by your side at all times to achieve the maximum profitability of your farm with our total commitment to production.

Our research and development activities of agricultural techniques include the optimization of the planting spacing, the study of the best rootstock and variety for each terrain and climate, study of effective treatments for diseases such as xylella fastidiosa and verticillium dahliae and applications of different types of fertilizer.

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