More than a decade ago Boslchare was born as a family business that understood that agriculture could be treated from a different perspective; a modern and environmentally friendly agriculture. We farm the land because we love the land.

Today Bolschare is an integrated Agribusiness investment management company having been the first company to achieve the highest degree of sustainability (art.9) through its management methodology, design and agricultural developments. Every part of the process has been rethought and redesigned to achieve maximum sustainability, productivity and resilience.

The firm commitment to a permanent investment in R+D+I through agreements and joint work with leading universities and research centres in agriculture worldwide allow Bolschare to reach the highest standards in modern agriculture, guaranteeing the profitability and conservation of our fields.

The Bolschare team is a multidisciplinary group formed by professionals of reference in the sector, experts in their areas of intervention, capable of meeting the objectives to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Bolschare currently develops and manages plantations in the Iberian Peninsula and already has agreements in place to extend its methodology to other crops and other geographies such as Australia, Central and South America, as well as several countries on the African continent.

We guarantee the success of our work. We are by your side at all times to achieve the maximum profitability of your farm with our total commitment to production.

Our research and development activities of agricultural techniques include the optimization of the planting spacing, the study of the best rootstock and variety for each terrain and climate, study of effective treatments for diseases such as xylella fastidiosa and verticillium dahliae and applications of different types of fertilizer.

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