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Scientific name

The hoopoe is scientifically known as Upupa epops.


It belongs to the family Upupidae, which is a family of birds that includes only the hoopoe.


Hoopoes are found in various regions of Europe, Asia and Africa. They are migratory birds in some areas and resident in others, depending on the availability of food and climatic conditions.


Hoopoes are birds known for their distinctive appearance and characteristic flight. They are known for their striking plumage, which includes a white ruff and a pointed crest. They are usually solitary birds and tend to be shy in the presence of humans.

Feeding Habits

Hoopoes feed mainly on insects, especially beetles and earthworms. They may also eat small snakes and other invertebrates. They are known for their “probing” hunting technique, in which they insert their long beaks into the ground in search of prey.


Hoopoe breeding usually takes place in spring. They build nests in tree holes or cavities in human structures, such as buildings. Females lay eggs, which they incubate for about three weeks. After hatching, both parents feed the chicks until they are large enough to fly on their own.