Scientific name

The common blackbird is scientifically known as Turdus merula.


It belongs to the family Turdidae, which includes other songbirds such as thrushes.


Blackbirds are found in a wide variety of habitats in Europe, Asia, North Africa and parts of North America. They are resident birds in many regions and have adapted to urban environments.


Blackbirds are known for their melodious song. They are generally territorial birds and defend their nesting and feeding areas. They are usually diurnal and can be seen foraging on the ground or in trees.

Feeding Habits

Blackbirds have a varied diet that includes insects, worms, fruits and berries. They also feed on other invertebrates found on the ground.


The breeding season for blackbirds is usually from March to July. They build nests in bushes or trees and females lay 3-5 eggs, which they incubate for about two weeks. Both parents feed the chicks until they are ready to fly and fend for themselves.