Ocellated lizard

Scientific name

The ocellated lizard is scientifically known as Timon lepidus.


It belongs to the family Lacertidae, which includes several species of lizards.

Distribution and Habitat

The ocellated lizard is found in regions of southwestern Europe, including the Iberian Peninsula and parts of France. They inhabit varied habitats, such as Mediterranean forests, scrublands, grasslands and rocky areas. They are usually found in warm, sunny areas.


Ocellated lizards are active, diurnal reptiles that can be found basking on rocks or in vegetation. They are known for their striking colouring, which includes ocelli (round spots) on their dorsum. These lizards can be territorial and display defensive behaviour when threatened.

Feeding Habits

Ocellated lizards feed mainly on insects, spiders, small invertebrates and occasionally fruits and vegetation. They are agile hunters and often stalk their prey before catching them.


Reproduction of ocellated lizards generally occurs in spring and early summer. Females lay eggs in nests dug in the ground. After incubation, the young emerge and are independent from birth.

These lizards are an important part of Mediterranean ecosystems and contribute to the control of insect and spider populations in their natural habitats.