Iberian red-breasted ibis toad

Scientific name

The Iberian Spadefoot Toad is scientifically known as Discoglossus galganoi.

Distribution and Habitat

This species is found on the Iberian Peninsula, especially in mountainous and wooded areas. It inhabits aquatic habitats such as ponds, pools and freshwater streams. They are usually found near areas with dense vegetation.


Iberian paint-billed toads are amphibians that are usually active at night. During the day, they hide under rocks or in cool, damp places. They are known for their smooth, shiny skin.

Feeding Habits

They are carnivorous and feed on insects and other aquatic invertebrates.


Breeding involves the laying of eggs in bodies of water. Females lay their eggs in gelatinous masses that adhere to aquatic vegetation. After hatching, the aquatic larvae develop and undergo metamorphosis to become adult toads.