Scientific name

The goldfinch is scientifically known as Carduelis carduelis.


It belongs to the family Fringillidae, which is a family of passerine birds that includes other songbirds.


Goldfinches are found in various regions of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. They have also been introduced to other parts of the world, such as North America and Australia.


Goldfinches are small, colourful birds known for their melodious song. They are migratory birds in many areas and may form flocks during migrations. They are usually active during the day and feed mainly on the ground or in bushes.

Feeding Habits

Goldfinches feed mainly on seeds, especially thistles and sunflowers. They may also consume insects during the breeding season, providing protein for their chicks.


The breeding season for goldfinches is usually from April to August. They build nests in bushes or trees and females lay 4-6 eggs which they incubate for about two weeks. Both parents feed the chicks until they are ready to fly and fend for themselves.