Bolschare Agriculture takes over management of Borges' agricultural division

Bolschare Agriculture takes over management of Borges’ agricultural division


  • The iberian sustainable agricultural asset management company is partnering with the Climate Asset Management fund to acquire 1,900 hectares in Iberia.
  • Bolschare is strengthening its project by integrating the entire staff of the division and the management of 14 properties producing almonds, walnuts and pistachios in the regions of Badajoz, Granada and Alentejo (Portugal).
  • More than 10% of the land will be used exclusively to promote biodiversity.

26 April 2024. Bolschare Agriculture, an iberian company dedicated to the management of agricultural assets, with a central presence in the Eurocity Badajoz-Elvas-Campo Maior, will take over the agricultural division of Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN), integrating the entire workforce of the division into its structure and adding to its portfolio of operations the management of 1,900 hectares of crops in Iberia and 14 properties producing almonds, walnuts and pistachios in the regions of Badajoz, Granada and Alentejo (Portugal).

To carry out the transaction, the iberian agricultural asset management company, part of the Bolschare Group, has partnered with the sustainable fund Climate Asset Management, a highly reputable and solvent international investor dedicated to natural capital, which will finance the acquisition of 100% of BAIN’s agricultural division and with which it already has a relationship of trust for the development of medium and long-term projects in Spain and Portugal.

Bolschare Agriculture and Climate Asset Management share a common mission to develop and deliver medium and long-term investment and management solutions that accelerate the transition to a zero net emissions and climate resilient future. It is an international benchmark in sustainable agriculture and a driving investor in environmental protection.

Commenting on the deal, Pedro Foles, CEO of Bolschare Agriculture, said: “Our raison d’être is to turn key sectors like agriculture into drivers of change, where profitability and responsibility go hand in hand to create a positive social impact that inspires and protects people. And this operation consolidates this path.

“We are delighted to be supporting agriculture in Spain and Portugal, and to be doing so hand-in-hand with Climate Asset Management, by participating in this large-scale, diversified project that will have a positive impact on our portfolio and help our two businesses grow together towards both a net profit and a zero-carbon future,” he added.

Ben O’Donnell, Investment Director of Natural Capital Strategy at Climate Asset Management, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to increase crop diversification within the portfolio with the introduction of pistachios and walnuts. We should be able to see the difference that the adoption of regenerative practices makes compared to historical farm performance. It is clear that there is a growing appetite among institutional investors for natural capital opportunities to rebalance positive, net-zero, nature-oriented investment portfolios.”

Bolshare Agriculture

Bolschare Agriculture is a company with extensive experience in the integrated management of agricultural assets, with more than 20,000 hectares of land under implementation and development, responsible for the entire production process of olive and almond trees, mainly exploiting other nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and avocados. It also evaluates a portfolio of land for purchase or lease and provides farm development and management services to external landowners.

The company is known for its comprehensive approach to innovation and the use of technology to promote more responsible and respectful farming practices. For example, the technology used to accurately monitor water use, which has resulted in annual savings of more than one million cubic metres, or the introduction of satellite tracking techniques for crops.

Bolschare’s commitment to the environment and the community has made it an international benchmark in the implementation of ESG practices. Its commitment to sustainability and people has made it an international benchmark in the field.