The area dedicated to almonds continues to grow in Extremadura, which is why the trend of recent years is maintained, thanks to its greater profitability compared to other crops.

The president of COAG Extremadura, Juan Moreno, explained that the total area has grown by one percent this year, reaching 7,600 hectares. This circumstance means that the surface has increased in the last five years more than six percent, he specified.

If the productive area is taken into account, for the first time Extremadura has exceeded 5,000 hectares, reaching 5,420 hectares, and with a production forecast of some 5,400 tons of almond kernels.

This growth is due to the better prices of the almond tree in recent years compared to other crops, and to “its not excessive costs”, which guarantees profitability, said Moreno.

However, in recent weeks the almond tree has faced a downward trend in prices, which has not harmed, according to Moreno, the expectations placed on the crop due to the high productivity of the crops.

Moreno explained that, in relation to prices, what happens in California (United States) is very relevant, one of the main producers, which will announce its production in the coming days.

The regional president of COAG warned of the situation that many agricultural sectors in Extremadura may experience due to circumstances such as low prices or the situation of falling consumption generated by the coronavirus crisis.

Examples of key sectors, such as olive groves or vineyards, for which state and regional support measures have been “almost non-existent”.

In the latter case, he lamented the absence of support from the central government “aimed at the wine sector”, as well as aid for the restructuring and conversion of vineyards, where losses are also expected.